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Jumping Race Max Mini Drone (Parrot USA)

$149.99 $79.99


Drive at full speed and set racing records: Fast, energetic and ultra-stable, this dashing drone sports large tires for racing. Adapted for high speed, Jumping Race Drone offers pilots a spectrum of thrilling experiences. Spin, Jump and Roll: Control it with your fingertips and enjoy 3 different piloting modes:

1. Jumper Mode: Jumps up to 75 cm/2.4 feet in height and length, and always lands on its wheels. As soon as you pick-up the Drone, the lights will turn red notifying you that the jump is disabled.

2. Kicker Mode: The springs enable Jumping Race Drone to push objects in its path.

3. Auto-Balance Mode: Jumping Race Drone is perfectly balanced on the two wheels. Choreograph moves for your Jumping Race Drone: Once you have programmed a sequence, it appears amongst the pre-defined tricks of your Minidrone. Adjustable Speed and Stability Modes: Jumping Race Drone offers two wheels positions for different stability levels. Fly your drone very easily via WiFi and Freeflight 3.

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Product Description

The Parrot Jumping Race is a next-generation minidrone. Fast, energetic and ultra-stable thanks to its wide tyres, it is designed to race. With the Jett version, go wherever you want. What’s more, with its on-board camera, you can follow it as if you were there. Experience the greatest sensations as they happen!


Parrot Minidrones - Jumping - Tutorial #1: Setup

Parrot Minidrones - Jumping - Tutorial #2: Piloting

Parrot Minidrones - Jumping - Tutorial #3: Tips & Tricks



  • Storage: 4 GB internal memory to record videos and photos
  • Rapid charging: 25 minutes (with a 2.6 A charger, not included)
  • Standard charge: Up to 90 minutes with micro-USB cable, included
  • Battery life: Up to 20 mins
  • Battery: Lithium polymer
  • Compatibility: Compatible with all Parrot Minidrones
  • Camera: Video/Images: VGA (640 x 480 px)
  • Recording: 15 images per second

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