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Powerful IP security camera System with 32 HD 1080p cameras (FLIR Lorex)

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Fluid 2K Video

Leave nothing to question by seeing the details you need. The LNB3374SB bullet security cameras in this system are capable of recording 2K video when combined with the included NVR. This resolution is more than that of 1080p and will provide you with a better chance to capture the specific details you need should an incident occur.


4K NVR can support up to 32 cameras


14 1080p micro pan-tilt + 14 2K bullet + 4 1080p PTZ cameras


Maximum night vision


Maximum Capacity 2 x 6TB hard drives

FLIR Secure™ Enabled

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Product Description

Lorex Home/Office Security Solutions
A powerful HD 1080p security system, featuring 32 cameras including 4 PTZs, 14 mini pan-tilt cameras and 10 motorized varifocal cameras.
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Best PTZ security cameras

See in all directions

Don’t miss the point of action ever again with the HDIP3214144AVZW system. Properties of all kinds can be difficult to fully cover. There often tends to be blind spots that your security cameras just can’t see. With a total of 18 security cameras that can move their field of view in practically any direction blind spots will not be an issue for this system. Each LNZ3522B and LNZ32P12 security camera features:

  • Full 360° pan rotation.
  • Rapid panning speeds – 100° per second (LNZ3522B) and 300° per second (LNZ32P12).
  • Preset camera positions for quick retrieval.
  • Remote field of view control via NVR, smartphone, or tablet.

The LNZ32P12 additionally comes with a formidable 12X optical zoom and 16X digital zoom. This optical zoom ability can focus in on small or distant objects without degrading the image quality. It can also be programmed with preset patterns, scan cycles and tours, so you’re system will always be on the watch.

This security system is the best of the best. It is a complete powerhouse and combines our top-of-the-line 32-channel 4K Network Video Recorder (NVR), a 16-channel PoE switch, and three different varieties of cutting-edge security cameras. Each type of camera within this system is full of high-end capabilities. This includes: 2K resolution, pan-tilt-zoom camera lens movement, listen-in audio, and color night vision, just to name a few. With this system you will have a virtually impenetrable security system of 32 cameras standing guard at all times.

HD security cameras with audio ability

See the details, hear the noises

This system is not just a video surveillance system. Each of your 14 LNZ3522B security cameras come with a built-in microphone for listen-in audio capabilities. This microphone can make a world of difference if an intrusion should ever occur. With this feature you will gain:

  • Additional information (such as voices or loud crashes).
  • Expanded coverage beyond the cameras field of view.
  • Help interpreting events (even if they occur off-screen).

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